Flat Tire Defender

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All kits include 2 x Flat Tire Defenders, two 35mm valves, large zip ties for installation and a sticker.
If you have deep section rims or rims with a channelled section on the back of the rim, we have valves available to suit these rim types.
Flat Tire Defender® Foam Inserts features & benefits:  
  • Pinch flat protection 
  • Allows lower tire pressure 
  • Minimizes tire & rim damage
  • Minimizes tire sidewall roll over
  • Tubeless application only
  • Fits modern day wide rim & tire brands
  • Airless Insert – no air chamber inside foam
  • Reduces vibration created by wheel assembly 
  • Race proven & developed by professional athletes 
  • Inspired by motorcycle off road technology
Mountain Bike racing is super competitive and tough on equipment, especially wheels & tires. Everyone’s looking to shave fractions of a second off their race time which means keeping momentum at a high level over the roughest terrain like rock gardens, tree roots, scary steep terrain and huge jumps. Today’s world of wheel & tire set-up is wide rims, wide tires, tubeless (TLR) and lowest tire pressure possible. With this set up, the biggest issues are rim damage, burping air out of the tire and tire sidewall roll over. And if you lose enough air in the tire, it can come off the rim and now you are pushing your bicycle instead of riding it.

Whether you’re a serious racer or weekend trail rider on a Downhill bike, Enduro bike, Plus bike or eBike, don’t let a flat tire ruin your day! Introducing Flat Tire Defender® – Foam Inserts!
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